Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ink Pads

Fabric Ink Pad (Safe, Non-Toxic)

Use Fabric Ink Pad on a variety of surfaces, such as fabric, paper, wood and more. 

Bravo! Premium Pigment stamp pad (Acid-Free, Non-Toxic)

Bravo! Our brilliantly acid free pigment pad is ideal for cardmaking and scrapbooking. Embossing is optional.                          

BV-A Size:9.5*6.3*1.5cm

BV-B Size:9.5*6.3*1.5cm

BV-C Size:9.5*6.3*1.5cm

BV-D Size:9.5*6.3*1.5cm

BV-E Size:9.5*6.3*1.5cm


Pigment Washable Ink Pad (Acid-Free, Non-Toxic)

Kids-friendly formula, easy to clean. Perfect for fingerprint and children's projects.

INK01 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

INK02 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

INK03 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

INK04 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

INK05 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm
INK06 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

INK07 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

INK08 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

Old Hand Dye Ink Pad (Acid-Free, Non-Toxic)

Waterbased Dye Ink. Used for general stamping, lovely on embossing resist. Quick drying, perfect for watercolouring. Dries permanently on most papers and multiple surfaces with heat-set.

DYE01 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE02 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE03 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE04 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE05 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE06 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE07 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE08 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE09 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

DYE10 size:9.7*6.3*1.5cm

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